Refund Policy


 1. Injury - Refund pro-rated.
 2. Ineligibility - No refund as student may continue to practice.
 3. Quit /Withdrawal from team - Up to 1st contest/game = 75% refund.

                                               After 1st contest/game = no refund.

 4. Not selected to a team - Full refund.

NOTE :  Refunds due to not being selected to a team will automatically be processed once teams have been determined. For refunds requested due to other circumstances, a “Refund Request Form” must be filled out and turned in to the MHS Activities Office.  The form can be found in the Activities Dept. Forms section located under the sports information packets on the Athletic Registration page. A paper copy is also available in the MHS Activities Office.  School equipment/uniforms must be returned and confirmed by the equipment manager before any refund is issued. The completed request form can also be faxed to: (952) 401-5905.